Test AI-based arguments

Note that anyone who is also testing can analyze your recordings in incognito mode. In test mode, recordings are limited. Please register for additional features.

Guide to our AI-based ARGUE.ORG software

Login: test@argue.org Password:TEST - just log in, you will see:

Choose your language setup


Please select the language of the recording and also the output language of the arguments, any combination is possible.

Start recording

Just click start.

Receive arguments during recording


Be patient, you have to wait 15 seconds - a countdown will help. Just press ARGUE to start our AI-based reasoning..


After you click “ARGUE”, we will send your recorded conversation to ChatGPT/LLama2. When you stop recording, we will automatically send the last part of your conversation.


After a few secounds you will see during your recording:

1. A summary of your conversation
2. Arguments for it
3. Arguments against it
4. Quotes that describe the conversation best
5. Keywords related to your conversation that were NOT mentioned

Stop the entire conversation and sum it up

At the end you can stop the recording and get a summary for later.